Consultations at ArtRageous

One on one time is Key!

Here at Artrageous we believe in one on one time.

We like to get to know our clients!

We feel that getting to know you and why you want your ink is vital to producing a beautiful tattoo!

Why book a consultation??

The traditional way of getting a tattoo would be to find a studio that does the quality of work you are looking for, then to email that studio for a quote. This in itself can be a long and confusing process, you may not be sure of the size or placement or maybe you need something drawn up and explaining it over email just doesn’t make sense to the bookings manager. But at last after days of mails back and forth you finally get a quote.

You are happy with the price and would like to book a spot. This takes another couple of days. FINALLY! You have a date and you are EXCITED. The day of your booking rolls around and you are soooo ready!! But there’s some work still to be done before you start tattooing, we still have to finalize a design this takes at least an hour out of your tattoo time, but you are happy to wait, I mean you’ve come this far right?

The day buzzes on as you get your new ink, but the session is nearly over and your artist hasn’t finished, then he says the DREADED phrase “we are going to need a second session”, this crushes you and leaves you feeling incomplete, literally.

Not to mention you didn’t budget for a second session.

It hurts we know!

Here at Artrageous we have realized this and feel your pain and we don’t enjoy it either as there is nothing worse than running out of time. We believe the design and tattoo process should be separate, giving us and our clients ample time to prepare and make sure there are no rush jobs and only perfection.

If you agree make that booking!

Why we charge




While we would love to do it for free here’s why we don’t,

the decision to charge for consultations comes down to the value we offer with one on one time, just like the same for the artists time tattooing we feel its necessary to charge for consults.

Have a look at what we offer.

– 30 mins one on one time with a professional.

(This is awesome in our eyes, its a time for you to get to know your artist and more importantly for your artist to get to know you! “Understanding your client is key to a good tattoo”).

– Finding great reference images. 

(It can be hard to find the perfect image especially when factoring in how its going to fit on the body *we got you covered*. Our artists are highly skilled at not only amazing artwork but knowing how to make that artwork fit the body. This is something that can only be done in person and we believe is just as important as the artwork).

– Your own input.

(The design process is not one sided, what the artists preference is and what you like could be completely different. We feel its Crucial to have you with us while doing the design. This allows YOU to have control over what goes in and what stays out!).

– No time wasted.

(Because we will be doing all the planing before hand, there will be no time wasted on the design). 

-Peace of mind. 

(After your consult you will leave feeling confident that the artist that you have put your trust in will make your dream tattoo a reality).

Get in touch

Let us know when it is a good time for you and we will do our best to get you in at that time or closer!

We do charge for the consultation, but don’t worry we have adjusted our rates so you don’t end up paying any more than before.

Hit us with your details below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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