Tattoo studio

ArtRageous Tattoos is a high-end tattoo studio located in Benoni, alongside the world famous Victorian Secret restaurant.

Where we are

We are putting Benoni on the map. ArtRageous Tattoo studio recently moved into a super fancy office park in the busstling heart of Benoni. We are right next to the world famous “Victorian Secret” boutique restaurant. The area has been referred to as a “mini parkhurts”. Although there was literally only one person who ever said that.

Visit us at the studio and experience the vibe while exploring the many quaint restaurants and bars. We might even buy you a cup of coffee from the Victorian Secret, with vegan friendly milk of course ;).

About the tattoo studio

The first thing you will notice when visiting the studio is the view. We are upstairs with a corner panoramic view of the Victorian secret’s courtyard, framing their beautiful century old tree.

We have gone to great lengths to make the ArtRageous tattoo studio feel warm and inviting. Feel right at home in this clean and comfortable space. The modern design of the studio includes floor to ceiling glass windows bringing in natural light. The clean and spacious open plan style leaves plenty of room for movement and comfort.

Wait in comfort

Our waiting room is both spacious and comfortable. Relax on the couch with a cushion and get ideas and inspiration while reading through one of the many tattoo books.

Private rooms

We have private rooms and partitions, so you can remain comfortable knowing we have you covered when getting ink on the more discreet areas of your body.

A clean space

We maintain an international standard of professional cleanliness. Everything is kept clean and sterile while maintaining a warm and welcoming space.

Environment is everything

It’s no secrtet that our tattoo studio is completely vegan friendly. True to this vibration we have filled the shop with a variety of indoor plants. They bring energy, life and obviously some oxygen into the space. An added unique benefit of this is that the air remains clean and free from impurities, because that’s what plants do. There is the acception of the occasional sweet smelling vape clouds that trail behind the many hipsters that move through the space daily.

Along with the vape clouds, a constant supply of high energy music fills the atmosphere, creating an aura of good vibes. The music relaxes the artists, calms the clients, and creates an overall environment of fun, comfort, and creativity.